Installing WordPress Locally

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When you’re using WordPress framework to design and develop websites, it can get a little exhausting having to update, upload, and preview your files online with every change you make. Installing WordPress locally on your computer can help save you a lot of time and effort, and – most importantly – Gigabits! Especially if your internet is as slow as a snail!

  1. Install a local server: Whether you’re a MAC user or a Windows user, go to MAMP and click download.



  1. Run MAMP: Install and run the software. Wait for the Apache Server and MySQL Server boxes to turn green. Then click Open Start Page.


  1. Create A New Database: On the Start Page, go to the main menu > Tools > phpMyAdmin > New.

  1. Name the Database: Leave everything else to set to its default values. Then click create.
  2. Download WordPress: Go to WordPress.org, download WordPress, and unzip the folder once it’s downloaded.
  3. Create a New Site Folder: Go to (C:) > MAMP > htdocs and create a new folder with the name of your website. Copy all of the WordPress folder contents onto your website folder.

  4. Update the wp-config file: After pasting the WordPress contents onto your new site’s folder, go to “wp-config-sample.php” and rename it “wp-config.php”. Then open the file and update it according to your local database info.
    Your Database name is WordPress as we named it earlier when we created it. Your DB username and password are up to you to name them whatever you prefer.
    WP users usually name theirs “root” but if you do, I recommend you to change these credentials once you publish your website as these ones can make your database easier to hack.

Hit Save.

  1. Open your local website: Via your browser, go to localhost/your site’s name, which, in this tutorial, is localhost/my site. And choose your preferred WordPress language.

  1. Install WordPress: Follow the instructions. Fill in the gaps. Hit Install.

Congratulations! You have installed WordPress as a local host and now you can start developing without needing an Internet connection.


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